Grasshopper Phone Review – A Detailed Look into the Powerful Phone System!

Grasshopper Phone Review - Overall Rating


Grasshopper Phone Review - Pro and Cons

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1- Limited Numbers: While few people may find this a setback, many others do not. With the Grasshopper highest plan, you can have only three toll free or local numbers. However, they offer unlimited extensions. Mostly you will need more extensions in your company.

2- No Windows or Blackberry App: Currently the company has only Android and IOS apps.



Grasshopper is a kind of service which makes use of a business phone number to let you make and receive calls either from your Skype or personal cell phone.

Currently used by more than 150,000 subscribers, Grasshopper is a fast-growing virtual phone system especially made to meet the diverse and demanding needs of an active business. With so much competition in the market today, it is somewhat surprising that Grasshopper has made a neat place for itself in the market with more customers coming in every day.

If you are currently considering taking up Grasshopper as your virtual phone system of choice, then this Grasshopper phone review should be helpful in making that choice.​

>> Watch here a simple video that shows how Grasshopper works?​


Grasshopper Phone Review - Features

The major difference between the plans is the number of minutes per month, the number of toll free/local phone numbers, and of course – the cost of the service. The essential features of the service, however, are basically the same for each one. This means that regardless of the type of package you get, you will still enjoy the following features of the grasshopper system:

Grasshopper Features list:​

  • Toll Free Number: The toll free number choices include 800, 888, 866, 855, 844, and 877. However, if you don’t like this choice, you can have a vanity number assigned to you. Either way, you’ll be offering your clients a quick and easy way to reach you whenever they want through Grasshopper.
  • Custom Greeting: Customized greeting makes it possible for callers to be directed to different departments of the business. This ensures that they’ll have their questions answered as quickly as possible with each department directly handling questions that best concerns them. With this kind of system, the clients get the results they want fast while minimizing the cost and wasted time on the part of the business.
  • Find Me/Follow Me: With Grasshopper, you can access a nice feature called the find me/follow me. With this feature, you can set the specific hours and days you wish each number tried. This gives users more flexibility, especially if they are not in the office.
  • Voice Studio: This one is definitely a plus and ranks as one of the biggest reasons why the Grasshopper phone review always scores high in the list. The Voice Studio essentially lets you choose the best voice to represent your business. With an array of voice talents to choose from, you can pick the perfect voice personality that will trigger just the right reaction from your listeners. Whether you want someone male, female, or with a specific accent – you can find it through the Voice Studio. This feature even offers voice talents speaking a different language if you so choose.
  • On Hold Sound:  The fact is that customer service is not always capable of handling all the calls coming in at once, especially if you are catering towards a large market. Fortunately, the On Hold sound makes the waiting more tolerable for clients, ensuring that they won’t be terribly angry by the time they manage to get connected. You’ll also have the opportunity to choose your favorite tunes and change them frequently to get the results you want. Grasshopper also gives you the time to highlight or mention your product in between the playing sound. This gives you the chance to further present your services without having to pay extra.
  • Conference Call: Conference calls are made quickly, easy and clear through the Grasshopper line. All you have to do is enter all the phone numbers you want to call and hit enter. The system will quickly call each of them for a conference call.

Try Grasshopper - 30-day money back guarantee!

  • Automatic Call Distribution: Also known as ACD, this feature essentially lets you decide how to best handle a queue of calls. For example, if there are several calls coming your way, you can have them on hold in the order in which they were called in. Once an agent becomes free, the first person on the line will be entertained. This is ideal for businesses with a limited number of people handling their customer service.

​Aside from the queue, you also have the option to get rotational basis routing. This basically means that the system automatically routes the calls so that each employee gets equal amounts of call in a day. This ensures that each person gets sufficient amounts of call completed.

  • Voicemail: If you want to save voicemail messages, then you can use the “Messages & Calls tab”. You also have the option to forward them to your email inbox, play the audio or download it. If you want a full transcription of the message, then just click the button “request a human transcription”. This will prompt a Grasshopper employee to transcribe the voicemail message. To use this feature, you will be charged $10 more per month.

​You can also opt to receive e-mails or SMS alerts automatically every time you receive a voicemail. You just need to set up this feature and Grasshopper will automatically send you an e-mail and an SMS alert.

While other services provide a separate inbox for each extension, Grasshopper makes it a point to save all your voicemail messages in just a single place. However, you can only access voicemail messages for the extensions you subscribed to. This means that if a user subscribes to the “marketing” extension only, then he will only receive voicemails related to this department. The “Settings” and “Users” buttons let you set up who can gain access to certain extensions.​​

  • Informational Extension:  or (Enhanced Extensions) - This functions much like an FAQ page through the phone. Using pre-recorded information, you allow your clients to choose different preset questions and provide them the answer they want, regardless of the time of day. This can be anything from the store hours, directions to where you are located, or even instructions on how to send or return items. This way, you’ll be providing the needs of your clients any time without wasting valuable human resources.
  • Auto-attendant: This feature lets you create your own greeting, which will be available for users to hear when they call your Grasshopper virtual number. eg. “Thank you for calling X Company… for sales, press 1…” - This greeting can be recorded through your phone or the built-in microphone in your PC. You can also choose to upload an audio file. Grasshopper has a voice studio where they can record the script you sent for a cost of $75.
  • From the online dashboard, just click “Extensions” (pictured below), then manage the menu options (For example, you can ask the users to press 1 for customer service, 2 for sales, and so on). This is where you can set up extensions for vital departments and company representatives. Setting up a dial by name directory is also possible through this feature.
  • Call Routing: Every extension allows you to add several forwarding numbers. You can either let the numbers ring simultaneously, or take advantage of the call queueing feature, wherein the numbers will ring based on a certain order. Call scheduling is also allowed. Here, you can set a schedule for every number. For instance, you can set 8am to 4pm for one number, then 5pm onwards for another. This will ensure that each employee gets approximately a similar number of calls each day.

​For call transfers, just press # two times to put the caller on hold, then press 2 for the call to be transferred to another extension. There is also an option to play your uploaded sound for every extension once you put a caller on hold.

  • Online Faxes: With your Grasshopper number, receiving faxes is a breeze, but note that sending faxes is not an option for you. This feature can either be turned on or turned off through the “Extras” button. If you want to receive faxes in PDF format, then you can enter email ads. Your Grasshopper inbox, which is where you access your voicemail messages, can also be used in accessing faxes.
  • Call Forwarding: Grasshopper is more on call forwarding. They will forward all the calls you receive to other devices. You can set up the call forwarding option through “Extensions”, which is where you also create the dial menu. Pick the specific numbers that will ring for certain departments and the order and schedule. You also have the option to turn the numbers either on or off with just one click. This means that if you need to go out for a while, you can choose to stop call forwarding to your office or home phone.

​The Grasshopper phone system helps you and your employees stay connected from the office, at home, on the road or anywhere you go. With Call Forwarding, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any phone in the world. This also gives you the freedom to work everywhere.

You will know that there is a forwarded call to your phone once the number 800 shows up. In this case, an automated voice, which confirms that you have a call from Grasshopper, will play in the background. You have the option to reject, accept, hear the number of the person who’s calling, or send it to voicemail with just one click.

Try Grasshopper - 30-day money back guarantee!

  • Mobile Apps: Grasshopper features a well-developed app for iOS and Android. With the app, you can use your Grasshopper number to make calls, check your call log and voicemails, and put the required e-signatures into your PDFs and faces. However, take note that all your calls will be included in your Grasshopper and phone minutes. Android app offers similar features, minus the ability to add e-signatures.

​If you make outgoing calls, then the mobile app displays your business number to the call recipients, provided you have an internet connection. The good news is that the quality of the call will not be hampered by the need to connect to the internet, since the call is beyond your mobile network.

Grasshopper Phone Review - Packages

There are four different plan packages available under Grasshopper for various business levels. Taking into account the varying operation of companies, the virtual phone system has created several packages to match your needs and budget. Here’s what to expect:

  • Pay as you Grow
  • Ramp
  • Grow
  • Max

The mid-level plan under the virtual phone system is this package, which has garnered the best Grasshopper reviews in the market today. It is by far the most popular plan of the service, offering the following rates:

  • $49 per month
  • Includes 2,000 minutes per moth
  • Unlimited extensions
  • 2 toll free/local phone numbers (U.S, Canadian, and U.K)

Grasshopper Phone Review - Set Up


The setup is 100 percent free and should you feel the need to cancel the service, the deactivation cost is also free. Unfortunately, the system does not have a free trial so you’ll just have to content yourself with the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Also, note that Grasshopper lets you use your current phone number, instead of getting a new one, which is a good thing if you already have a solid number of clients. This will cost a one-time fee of $30.

​No hardware is necessary for the setup and there is a step by step comprehensive guide, which will help you get started. Everything should be set up in as little as 30 minutes.

The Grasshopper Customer Service


With this virtual phone system essentially dedicated in providing businesses with an efficient way of handling their customers, it’s not surprising that Grasshopper phone review articles rank their own customer service as one of the best. Aside from the toll free phone number, you can also send a support ticket or check out the FAQ section for answers to some of the most common queries asked. With this, you’ll have several avenues to contact the Grasshopper team and get the information you need.

Grasshopper Phone Review - Reliability


How exactly does Grasshopper fair when it comes to reliability?

Grasshopper ranks among the top best list when it comes to quality. Dropped calls, garbled audio and technical problems are few in number and easily addressed upon calling customer service.



The following are some of the most commonly asked questions about Grasshopper:

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14- Are there extra charges for going over the free minutes covered in my plan?

Grasshopper Phone Review - Ease of Use

  • 1. Setup / Installation Process – Easy: There is no need to use any hardware when setting up Grasshopper. From the time you log in, Grasshopper will guide you all throughout the setup process. They will provide a step-by-step guide on how to successfully set it up. You can complete the installation process in as little as thirty minutes with the help of an auto-attendant, extensions and customized recorded greetings.
  • 2. End User – Easy: With the easy to use Grasshopper online dashboard, you can easily change your forwarding number or check your voicemail without hassle.
  • 3. Support – Easy: Grasshopper also takes pride in its excellent phone support, which is available 24/7. You can also easily access its searchable help center, which has several simple and easy to understand user guides.

Business SMS Feature and How it Works?


The business SMS feature allows you to use your Grasshopper number to send and receive text messages for a corresponding fee.


$10 per month for each Grasshopper number (unlimited use) – For instance, if you wish to activate this option in 2 Grasshopper numbers, then you will need to pay $20 monthly.


All Grasshopper numbers can take advantage of the business SMS feature. It is even possible to enable business SMS feature for US and Canadian local numbers, as well as toll-free numbers.

  • Note: While Grasshopper can’t support toll-free texting to a number in Canada at present, The Company is working towards making this feature available in the future.

How to Take Advantage of the Feature?

Just add the Business SMS feature during the signup process through the Extras page that you can find in the user interface. You can also email or call Grasshopper support to enable this feature.

How does it Work?

After signing up, you can start using the iPhone or Android app of Grasshopper to send and receive SMS. Admin users are the only ones who can access the texting features. Set up the push notifications in your app, so you can start receiving notifications every time you receive an SMS.

  • Note: It is necessary to enable push notifications, so you can start receiving text messages without hassle.


Note, however, that despite the many benefits of the business SMS feature, it also has a few limitations including the following:

  • Inability to send texts to a Canadian mobile number using a toll-free number.
  • Inability to receive or send texts internationally, most specifically outside North America.
  • You can not send short codes – This means that you can’t vote for TV programs for example, or use it to send texts that use short codes.
  • Inability to receive or send picture messages or group texts.

How will I know if I have a call to my Grasshopper line?

The caller ID on your phone screen will show your Grasshopper phone number as the calling number, thus you will know it’s someone who has that number. You can simply set your Grasshopper number with an identifying name in your Caller ID so it will pop up during the call.


It is also possible for you to alter the setting of certain extensions in such a way that the caller ID of the one who makes the call will be shown, instead of your number. If you take advantage of the Call Announce feature, you can still hear your phone ringing, but there is also a recorded voice requesting you to press certain numbers for certain actions (ex. 1 – if you want to take the call, 2 – if you want to send the caller to voicemail, and 3 – if you want to hear the caller’s phone number after picking up). This is one way of differentiating personal calls from business calls.​


Grasshopper Phone Review - Bottom Line

​There are two major reasons why you should consider using Grasshopper. The first one is when it is necessary for you to set up a professional phone system, which works overnight. The second one is when your remote employees prefer using their mobile phone, instead of corded phone. The good thing about Grasshopper is that setting it up is a breeze, plus it offers its services at lower prices.

All in all, it’s easy to see why Grasshopper phone reviews are viewing this phone service in an excellent light. One of the clinchers for switching to this system is the 24/7 Customer Service that’s really 24/7 – something which is definitely highly valued in the market today. Of course, the accompanying features are pretty much standard with a few highlights, such as the Voice Talents you gain access to as part of the Grasshopper clientele. If you want something cheap while still possessing all the basic features you need to keep your business going, this Grasshopper Virtual Phone System is an excellent choice.

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