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RingCentral Review - Introduction

RingCentral Review-introduction

High quality phone services are essential to business owners. These services play a prominent role in their operations – especially where efficient communication is necessary. It prevents conflicts and significantly improves productivity.

With the VoIP system, business owners are granted a brilliant solution to concerns with communication. It is like having a high quality phone service in the present-day. With it, it is possible to make calls and send messages via desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other devices.

One of the most dynamic providers of VoIP solutions is RingCentral. According to numerous online RingCentral reviews, the service provider is an industry-leader!​

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What Is RingCentral?

RingCentral Review-what-is-rs

RingCentral is a reputable company that provides VoIP solutions. Its aim is to maximize the use of cloud communication to help a business operate to its full potential. At the same time, it strives to give businesses a hand in becoming more efficient and productive. So far, many business owners who have turned to the company are (more than) satisfied with its high quality service.

According to many RingCentral reviews, RingCentral is continually thriving in the IT industry. Since its establishment in the late 90s by RingCentral CEO, Vlad Shmunis, it refuses to back down when encountering modern challenges. Its genius approach of funding a dynamic, secure, flexible, and user-friendly communications system does not disappoint.

RingCentral’s headquarters is in the city of Belmont, in California. Due to its expansion as a telecommunications service provider, it currently has offices in different US states and in international locations. The locations of offices include Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Canada, Manila, Singapore, Russia, China, and Ukraine.

RingCentral’s Call Quality

RingCentral Review-call-quality

​The team behind RingCentral acknowledges the fact that in a business environment, call quality should not be ignored. Regardless of an internet connection type (e.g. cable, broadband, or modem), the delivery of messages should be problem-free.

This is a chief reason why RingCentral focused on testing their offered VoIP solutions. The company concentrated on possible delays, loudness of conversations, and clarity of conversations. As reports go, internal tweaking is done regularly to ensure dependable call quality.

Common concerns with call quality:

  • Regardless of internet usage for other activities, call quality is usually solid.
  • In case of heavy network, call quality remains unaffected; rather, it’s RingCentral’s web portal that can be a bit degraded.
  • A fundamental step is checking default firewall configuration settings.
  • If a call group is defined, a caller may receive more rings compared to the others in a system.
  • Trouble with voice quality is usually resolved through modification with a locked down firewall.
  • Since RingCentral routes the calls over the internet, additional rings can be heard.

Recommended For

While RingCentral’s phone system can work for all, it is best recommended for Small and Medium-sized Businesses.

As many RingCentral reviews note, RingCentral is an impressive solution for a business owner who is highly reliant on communication. If his productivity rate increases based on how effectively he collaborates with his team, the company’s services will prove useful. With uninterrupted contact, problematic transactions are unlikely to be among their concerns.​

RingCentral is best for these businesses:

RingCentral Reviews-biz
  • Home-based businesses.
  • Offices in remote locations.
  • Companies with a manageable network (perhaps, less than 100 employees).

Pros and Cons

  • The Good about RingCentral
  • A Few Setbacks

To write an honest RingCentral review, I will highlight the weak points RingCentral has. Although those are minor, it is still good to mention them:

RingCentral Reviews-sad


  • Application for additional features comes with a charge.
  • Dial-by-name directory features comes with an additional charge; despite being useful, it’s a bit unreasonable to spend extra for this feature.
  • An inbox’s 200-message limit can be a downside (for relatively bigger businesses); if a business handles numerous calls, it might be better to waive the limit.

RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral offers three packages. The price of each package varies depending on the number of users and subscription plan (monthly or yearly).

The rates presented below are for monthly subscriptions for two to nineteen users. Each plan includes a toll-free number, a local number, as well as a dedicated fax number. Any additional phone number will be charged $5 a month each. Note that annual subscriptions cost $10 less for each user.

  • Standard Edition: ($24.99/month/user) – includes unlimited calling and most of the features. However, each user will only get 1000 minutes on the toll-free numbers. Features not included are call monitoring and integration with Zendesk, Desk.com, or Salesforce, and automatic call recording.
  • Premium Edition: ($34.99/month/user) – toll-free minutes is increased to 2500/user and includes integrations, inbound caller ID, automatic call recording, as well as HD video conferencing for as many as 25 participants.
  • Enterprise Edition: ($49.99/month/user) – toll-free minutes is increased to 10,000/user and includes video conferencing for as many as 50 participants, and voicemail-to-text transcription.


  • 2 - 19 Users
  • Toll-free 1,000 m
  • Mobile app
  • Conferencing & meetings (4 people)
$24.99 / month


  • 2 - 19 Users
  • Toll-free 2500 m
  • Mobile app
  • Conferencing & meetings (25 people)
$34.99 / month


  • 2 - 19 Users
  • Toll-free 10000 m
  • Mobile app
  • Conferencing & meetings (50 people)
$49.99 / month

The pricing presented above is exclusive of surcharges or taxes that varies depending on your location. Some countries, states, and cities charge more than the others. You can ask RingCentral for your tax fees.

>> For a complete and more detailed pricing scheme, please click here to go to RingCentral’s pricing page.

RingCentral’s Revolutionized PBX

RingCentral Reviews-pbx

As a pioneer innovator, RingCentral revolutionized PBX (or Private Branch Exchange). It maximized the advantages of cloud-based technology by developing a virtual PBX (sometimes known as IPBX).

​The revolutionary tool comes with all the benefits of a traditional PBX. In its modern version, RingCentral’s design team created it to be free of limitations. It also does not suggest an expensive solution.

​Advantages of revolutionized PBX:

  • Business continuity is guaranteed during disruptions and emergencies; operations can remain seamless in the event of power outages, natural disasters, and bad weather conditions.
  • With the use of mobile devices, a user can fax, call, text, and host conference calls.
  • All participants in a business venture can unite regardless of geographically dispersed locations.
  • All participants in a business venture can receive and make phone calls with the use of a direct line or the primary business number.
  • Due to the revolutionized PBX, business ventures are relatively less vulnerable to data security threats; the physical control of a specialized IT team allows RingCentral accounts to be more secure.

The Promise of Increased ROI

With RingCentral’s VoIP solutions, a business owner can anticipate increased ROI (Return on Investment). The use of the system can decrease overall costs.

One way of increasing ROI of a business owner with a RingCentral account is by using financial resources wisely. Due to the system’s simplicity, complex IT-related issues can emerge. Hiring additional help (e.g. specialized IT staff, technicians, outside vendors) is unnecessary. Thus, sparing additional budget for resolving such issues is unlikely. ​

Other ways RingCentral can increase ROI:​

  • Due to RingCentral’s simplicity, a business owner can be more productive; since he can be the account administrator (i.e. he can modify settings without IT assistance), he can handle more tasks independently.
  • With the need for relatively less hardware, there’s a significant reduction on initial CapEx (or Capital Expenditure); it passes on the need for hardware upgrades and hardware upkeeps.
  • A business owner won’t easily fall prey to convoluted billing; he can choose to receive a single bill to cover expenses for all users, features, and locations.

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12 Amazing RingCentral Features

Different RingCentral reviews give RingCentral a pat on the back for its features. With it, business owners who are always on the go, can manage their business ventures as desired. The reporting feature is among the outstanding ones in the list.

​Reporting privileges allows a user to look at account activity. Among this account activity are outbound and inbound calls, queue list, call volume, hourly calls, and average call time.

11 other  useful amazing RingCentral features:​

    1- Auto Receptionist: This is a feature that permits a user to log into RingCentral’s user portal to set up a caller menu. You can create a dial-by-name directory for convenience. Among the other options are mp3 and wav file uploads (via PC microphone) and recording custom greetings.

RingCentral Reviews-auto-receptionist

    2- Call recording: RingCentral allows an administrator to activate automated call recording. This feature re-directs inbound calls to an individual user or to a department. The maximum storage space for each account is 100,000 recordings. A call recording has 90-day availability for playback and download.


    3- Call routing: Setting up call routes is possible. You can associate a particular name (or department) with a call. This way, you can choose what happens to each call. The list of options includes queuing (ringing assigned phones in a pre-determined order), rotating (ringing assigned phones in a regularly pre-determined order), and simultaneous (or ringing assigned phones all at once).

    4- Real-time call controller: With the real-time call controller feature, RingCentral allows a user to turn a PC into a center for call commands. The list of possibilities includes screening or answering incoming calls, sending incoming calls to voicemail, disconnecting calls, transferring calls to another extension.

    5- Conference calls: RingCentral features conference calls with an allowance of 1, 000 participants. To join a conference, users can dial the unique conference bridge number. It can be a means of building a network. It can be used to send invites, mute particular callers, record conferences, and note caller count.


    6- Fax (online): Since it allows a user to send unlimited fax messages to recipients based in US and Canada, fax messages can be sent and received via email or via RingCentral account. In the inbox of a RingCentral account, the maximum storage for fax messages is 200.


    7- Ring me or click-to-call: According to many RingCentral reviews, this RingCentral feature is unique. Not all VoIP service providers include it in their package. It gives an option to add a button for direct calling (from PC). This allows easy contact to a business owner.

    8- Integration: RingCentral allows integration with Google, Box, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Desk.com, Oracle, Skype for Business, Dropbox, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Zendesk. A 3rd party service called Callinize also allows CRM (or Customer Relationship Management). This feature makes it more convenient to send and receive calls when using other programs.


    9- Voicemail (forwarded to e-mail): It allows calls to go into voicemail, which then goes to email. As numerous RingCentral reviews acknowledge, it is advantageous that each extension and department has a dedicated voicemail inbox. By the way, with this service you can also send the faxes as an email attachment. Amazing!


    10- Call Forwarding: RingCentral offers multiple options for call forwarding. Calls can be forwarded to a designated number (i.e. Home Phone, Office Phone, and Work Phone). Users can set up call forwarding rules from their personal settings menu (pictured below).


The options for call forwarding depend on caller ID information, the time of day, the date, and more. Users can choose to have their phones ring at once. Users can also choose to have their phones ring sequentially. With sequential forwarding, you can set the duration of a ring for a particular number.


    11- Mobile App: RingCentral features a mobile app for Android and iOS users. It can make and receive business calls using a smartphone. With a strong Wi-Fi signal, the inbound or outbound call will be redirected to the VoIP network. With the help of RingCentral apps, you can use the system on the go!

This offers more call tool options. With just one click, you will be able to:
  • Start recording the conversation.
  • Put the call on hold.
  • Transfer call; if the signal gets weak, you can transfer the call to your cell network without interrupting the call.

If the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough or if you’re connected to a 3G / 4G network, making and receiving business calls from your business number is still possible. The call simply goes out over a mobile network instead of VoIP (i.e. the call will count as cell minutes).


    12- Business SMS: Currently it’s possible to send and receive SMS from your business number. Maintain your professional identity with business contacts on your mobile, tablet, and computer.

RingCentral Review (Awards)

For its topnotch service, RingCentral has garnered awards from reputable names in the IT industry. it is no surprise that RingCentral is recognized as a leading VoIP service provider.

Actually, years after RingCentral initially launched, many business owners have come forward. Since they want improvement in their business ventures, they avail solutions from a trustworthy entity.​


  • Outstanding Product/Service Global Excellence Award.
  • Webware 100 CNET Award - In 2009.
  • Internet Telephony Magazine’s Product of the Year - In 2009.
  • Technology Pioneer World Economic Forum - In 2010.
  • The Big Idea Award - In 2014.
  • TMC’s Unified Communications Product of the Year Award - In 2014.
  • World Cup Award. The Cloud Innovation for ICT Business Services - In 2014.
  • Market Leadership North America Frost and Sullivan Award - In 2014.
  • Top Cloud WhichVoIP.com's Communications Provider - In 2014.
  • Labs Innovation Award INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC - In 2014.
  • CRM Excellence Award TMC’s Customer Magazine - In 2014.
  • Market Leadership Award according to Frost & Sullivan - In 2015.
  • FinancesOnline Best Mobile Support Award - In 2015.
  • Best Phone System CNET Award - In 2015.
  • Internet Telephony TMC Product of the Year - In 2016.
  • Telecommunications Company of the Year according to Silver Stevie - In 2016.
  • America’s Most Trustworthy Companies according to Forbes’ 100 - In 2016.

RingCentral Registration & Setup: What Do You Need to Know


RingCentral registration and setup are very quick. The processes can be finished within few minutes. Almost immediately, an email will be sent with further instructions. This will contain a number and options whether to use the provided number, transfer an existing number, request a vanity number, or receive a toll-free number.

With the provided phone number, you can begin setup for a RingCentral account. Log in to the web portal. Then, access created extensions and customize call groups. Other tasks include setting up call attendants, defining call queues, and setting up rules for call routing, voicemail storage, call blocking, and call forwarding.​

Common concerns during setup:​

  • The interface can appear difficult to navigate initially; however, it is fairly responsive.
  • The “Next” button and submenus can be confusing initially; however, it simply takes getting used to.

RingCentral Review (FAQs)

In fact, business owners who are quite undecided whether to use RingCentral’s services may still have questions that need to be addressed. Especially if the idea of purchasing a RingCentral plan is based on recommendations, further clarification about the VoIP service provider can help them finalize their decision.


1- Are the calls (to the recipients based in US and Canada) free?

2- Is it cloud-based or hosted?

3- Is it necessary to change your phone number?

4- How can I use RingCentral on my PC?

5- Is it necessary to use a special kind of phone?

6- Can I call toll-free numbers?

7- Can I call direct-dial numbers?

8- Is the trial package free?

​9- Is it okay to use RingCentral to call international locations (other than US and Canada)?

10- Are there any router recommendations?

Customer Support: What Is There to Like?


RingCentral’s customer service is exemplary. Support is provided 24/7 and presents three divisions for easier assistance.

Due to the solid reputation of RingCentral’s customer service, many business owners are enthusiastic in recommending the VoIP service provider to others in their category. For them, with the constant availability of RingCentral’s support team, they are less worried should concerns emerge unexpectedly.​

3 divisions of customer support:​

  • 1. Customer care center – handles concerns regarding account management, product features, troubleshooting, apps for mobile and desktops, setting up extensions, and setting up systems.
  • 2. Community – provides discussion meet-ups; venue for blogs, YouTube channels, and social networking.
  • 3. Professional services – provides an overview of concerns regarding onboarding, implementation services, managed services, and consulting services.

RingCentral Review (The Bottom Line)

RingCentral is impressive. When it comes to highly reliable VoIP solutions, it is an industry-leader. Since it comes with a free trial package, you can get a first-hand look at its proposed solution for your business venture. If a substantial increase in business growth is one of your priorities, why not buy a subscription?

Again, ​efficient communication between your company and your customers is important. Regardless of its size, your business could benefit significantly. For sure, good communication means good business. RingCentral comes with many helpful features, as well as many pricing options to suit every business need.

Make Your First Call Now  

Get your 30-day FREE trial and make free calls now. For 30 days, you can try the whole system for free, and decide whether it can help increase business productivity. More likely, you will like the service-provider.

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