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Salehoo Review - Introduction

SaleHoo is a professional supplier directory, which has recently become popular because it lists only the most legitimate and qualified suppliers online. It has been up since 2005 and has been dubbed as one of the most popular and fastest growing online directories globally. In fact, Salehoo is where thousands of entrepreneurs/sellers on Amazon and eBay -both rookies and experts – get most of their products. As is evident from the many SaleHoo review articles and testimonials online, the online directory gained an excellent reputation for helping online sellers safely conduct their business and generate profit.

How does SaleHoo work and is it worthy of the online sellers’ trust? Learn more about it through reading this in-depth SaleHoo review in order to become more knowledgeable about this site and how it operates. You will also learn how to best use it to increase the revenue of your eCommerce business. So let's dive in.

What is SaleHoo?


SaleHoo is one of the most powerful online directory of verified wholesalers, manufacturers, liquidators and drop-shippers with around 8,000 suppliers. It does not sell products but acts as the middleman between customers and suppliers. As an online directory, it connects customers to a whole network of suppliers who offer the products they are looking for.

The good thing about SaleHoo is that it is only affiliated with verified suppliers, ensuring that your transactions are safe and secure. SaleHoo already does the job of examining their authenticity so you can be sure that all you have to do is shop without any worries:


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SaleHoo Review - Quick Facts

  • SaleHoo was launched on 2005 by Simon Slade and Mark Ling.
  • It is connected to over 8,000 wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers and liquidators.
  • It has over 100,000 members and 300,000 unique visitors monthly.
  • Most of its users come from USA, followed by UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • The yearly subscription costs $67. Go purchase now!

What kind of Problems Does Salehoo Solve?

The online buying industry is full of scams. Salehoo ensures the safety of their users by providing a platform for retailers so they can meet trusted wholesale providers. In fact, Salehoo verifies the integrity of these suppliers to prevent their members from getting scammed.

SaleHoo Review - A Walkthrough inside your member area


So, how does the SaleHoo website work? There are two main sections in the site: the wholesale directory and the market research lab. To start, you must first be a registered member to sign in. Once logged in, you should see a page similar to the one below.

Wholesale Directory:


The main page, wholesale directory, lists many categories of products. When you click on your category of choice, a new list of subcategories will appear. The main directory page contains also trending suppliers, featured suppliers and recently added suppliers. 

To narrow down your selection, just click on any of the presented subcategories. You may also use the search function of the website at the top of the page.


​>> Kindly note the red-marked arrow at the top, from there you can see the list of subcategories.

Clicking on one of the subcategories will take you to a master-list of suppliers selling products in that specific subcategory.

The page shows the name of the company and short descriptive information about it. It also shows the supplier’s location, vendor types and whether or not it allows international shipping. If you would like to learn more about a particular company, just click on the company’s name or the “learn more” button. It will automatically direct you to an informational page, which will show the products and brands that the company sells, any order requirements and shipping details, supplier type, years in business, contact information, and other relevant information of the respective organization.

You may also contact the supplier company directly from this page by clicking the “Contact Supplier” button. SaleHoo provides a standard ready-made template for users who wish to contact these suppliers at any moment.


You can tailor your search results through the search filters at the left-side of the page. You can also utilize the sort options shown on suppliers result page that allow you to view your results based on which is the most relevant, newest, and the oldest, and which one contains a note or has been saved.

Note: SaleHoo has recently developed a new option that allows you to chat with suppliers in real time. In fact I haven't found this option in all suppliers, so I contacted SaleHoo regarding this issue and here is their answer:


SaleHoo answer:

Hi Amin,

Thanks for your email.

This is indeed one of our new features for SaleHoo however this is subject to the availability of the supplier online. Once supplier is offline, you will be redirected to send an email instead.

Hope this clarifies.

These five important filters are:


1) Supplier type – Choose among drop shippers, wholesalers, liquidators, or manufacturers for your supplier of choice.

2) Location – Screen your search results based on region or country of origin.

3) Minimum order – Specify a range of minimum order requirements.

4) Offers Global ShippingLimit your search to those who ship internationally.

5) Sales tax ID Filter suppliers who require or do not need a sales tax ID from their customers.

1) Sort – View your results based on which is the most relevant, newest, oldest, and which one contains notes or has been saved.

What’s the difference between these four classifications of suppliers?

1-Drop shippers: Suppliers who transact with wholesalers or manufacturers. If you are getting your supply from a drop shipper, you simply need a list of the products they have for sale, and once there are orders, you can ask your partner drop shipper to ship the retail items to you. There is no need to keep an inventory since the collection of merchandise is in the drop shipper’s place.

The setup is like this: the drops hipper serves as an intermediary between you and the manufacturer or wholesaler, while you serve as an intermediary between the drop shipper and the consumer.

2- Wholesalers: These suppliers usually only allow bulk orders but offer affordable prices in exchange. The customer has to keep his own inventory, however, since the goods will be kept in his place.

3-Manufacturers: They are the direct source of wholesalers and some drop shippers as they are the ones who make the products. When transacting with big time manufacturers, orders must be in huge volumes to score favorable rates. Smaller manufacturers may be more lenient with order requirements, though they still require more than wholesalers.

4-Liquidators: These suppliers sell excess, damaged, or refurbished products. Liquidators offer unusually low prices, so the potential to gain profit is higher. However, because of the condition of the items, there is also the risk of not being able to sell them.

Again, you may choose to use the search bar on the page to search for a particular item you are looking for. Simply enter keywords in the search bar, pick the main category where your product belongs, and press the enter button. You may also save your search for later use. You can quickly view saved searches and suppliers in the directory tab or within directory main page.


If you choose to save performed searches or favorite individual suppliers, you can simply find them in the directory page.


What is inside the supplier page?

By clicking the "learn more” blue button of the supplier, you will be automatically directed to the supplier’s information page. To make things easier for you, I divided the supplier's page into ten parts with some important details of each part below. Kindly click on the following image so that you can see it in its original size more clearly. (Image opens in a new window). Sorry for having to hide the supplier's name, but I am not allowed to expose it.


Here are some of the important details of the ten sections of the above illustration:

1- This is where you see the supplier name, website and you can contact the supplier using the green contact button.

2- Note and save – This function is useful if you want to add a personal note or marker for the supplier and save it, so you can easily return to them later.​

3- Item examples - The third column shows images for some of their offered products.​

4- The quick details section shows you the supplier’s address, website, contact number, minimum order, tax info, number of years it has been on Salehoo and some suppliers also show the specific number of years it has been in business in general.​

5-​ The safety analysis section shows vital information like hosting location, security, BBB trust and the years online.

6- This section contains an overview of the suppliers and whether the supplier meets SaleHoo’s trust requirements. Company information tab provides additional helpful information submitted by the supplier himself. Some of this information includes the products and brands that they stock, order requirements and supplier description. The product information tab shows detail about the products.​

7- Here you can contact the supplier. ​

Note: Salehoo is now working on something called “In-depth supplier review” which is not completely available to all suppliers yet. This helpful detail that is written with the help of Salehoo members and eBay power sellers, helps you basically decide whether a supplier is suitable for you or not.


If you can start selling today why wait for tomorrow!!

SaleHoo Review -  The Market Research Lab

This is a video introducing the SaleHoo market research lab:

The Market Research Lab, on the other hand, is the mathematical section of SaleHoo. As its name suggests, the Market Research Lab is like an online economics laboratory, which studies the trends of its online market and presents you with the most lucrative niches and products based on competition and potential for sales.


The Market Research Lab page has an introductory video, which you should watch to know more about how the tool works. You will also see the top-selling products in the page and search filters to help you tailor your selection. What’s good about this tool is that it presents you with up to date actual data - statistics, average prices, graphs and projected sales – that you can use in looking for potential products or stocks to purchase. The Market Research Lab monitors the market continuously to give potential customers an accurate and up-to-date analysis of the products.


If you can start selling today why wait for tomorrow!!

How to Use the Market Research Lab?

The Market Research Lab is a special marketing tool by SaleHoo, which lets users discover profitable niches where they can start their business. Lots of users gush about the Market Research Lab in their SaleHoo reviews, and it’s no surprise considering its impressive functionality.

New to the SaleHoo environment? This guide will teach you how to use SaleHoo’s ever-useful Market Research Lab so that you can also enjoy its perks.

To start, go to and log-in to your account. Hover your mouse on “Labs” and select "Discover Products" on the navigation bar located on the upper right side.


In the Market Research Lab, you will see an array of products as well as various filter options that will help you narrow down your search. Select your respective category by clicking “Filter by” in the search bar. If you don’t have any preferences yet, you can simply choose “All”.


The next filter option is the sell rate, which indicates which products perform well in the market. A success rate of 50% means that there is at least a 50% chance that the product will sell and 50% chance that the product will not sell. For starters, a safe percentage would range around 30-35%.


The average price, meanwhile, limits your products to those within your selected price range.


Next up is the competition filter, which gives you three options: low, medium and high. Low competition means that there aren’t many users selling the same product, so it would be easier for you to enter the market. For this reason, on most occasions, this option is often recommended to new sellers. High competition, on the other hand, is indicative of a healthy and dynamic market. If you already have experience in the online market, this is an excellent choice as the demand for these products can also be quite high.


After tweaking all these filter options, you may now start looking at the products listed. Once you decide on a particular product, double check its details, especially the average selling price, competition and the sell rate.


To save a product, simply click the “save” button that is located at the top right corner and you’re done. You can also compare the current product with other product or click to read extra detail like recent listings and possible suppliers.


The product will then be saved for later viewing. You can view the products you have saved any time by clicking “Saved product Ideas” within the Labs menu.

  • You can compare products by clicking on the compare button. To see the comparison chart,  navigate to "compare products" in the Labs menu or click the notification icon on the right side.  

If you’re set with your filter options, you can tick the heart button in the top right corner. SaleHoo will notify you about new data via email weekly or monthly. In case you want to modify your options or stop the subscription, you can simply click the “saved filters” within the Labs menu and remove anyone. 


Note: Do not forget also to check the product trends section within the Labs menu. It helps you find many trending items nowadays. The list is updated each week by SaleHoo research team. The good thing is that you can find niche trends before they become mainstream. How cool is that!


And that’s it! As you have seen, the Market Research Lab has a user-friendly interface, which makes it even more appealing to SaleHoo users. So start now finding out profitable product ideas to sell online!

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Key Benefits of Using SaleHoo - 12 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Sign Up Right Now!

1- Verified suppliers: One of the main reasons why users trust SaleHoo is its network of verified supplier companies. SaleHoo prioritizes the credibility of suppliers so that, as an intermediary, it can ensure that customers only transact with the most trusted suppliers around. You have a hundred percent assurance that SaleHoo will lead its customers to only the right people.

To evaluate suppliers accurately and comprehensively, SaleHoo makes use of the following three-tier review system:

a) SaleHoo’s analysis - SaleHoo not only bases their evaluations on information submitted by suppliers online. The staff at Salehoo tests suppliers via anonymous purchases to determine if they are indeed legitimate suppliers and worthy of the customers’ trust. Their authenticity, efficiency, and quality of service are also checked to see whether or not they level up to the best performing suppliers online.

b) Seller reviews - To supplement SaleHoo’s analysis, it also considers supplier reviews of top rated sellers on the largest eCommerce companies like eBay and Amazon. These power sellers are known for their reputation as experienced entrepreneurs, so their reviews have a high degree of credibility.

c) Forum discussions - Once a supplier company has passed the evaluation measures above, it will be included in the master list of verified suppliers in SaleHoo’s directory. Now, it is up to the users to weigh the performance of the supplier for themselves. To do this, you may visit the forums section of SaleHoo to view threads on suppliers by fellow users.


You will surely find forum posts, if not an entire thread, dedicated to discussing supplier experiences. If not, you can also start a discussion thread of your own. Members of the forum community will be more than happy to share their opinions regarding your concerns.

2- Huge collection of products: SaleHoo is home to over 1.6 million products ranging from consumer electronics and video gaming to health and beauty. With a plethora of products to choose from, you can easily find a product which suits your interest and market niche.

3- Easy-to-use interface and search filters: SaleHoo’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The design is simple and the important navigation links are neatly arranged. The custom search function is also easy to use - simply clicking on the filters can tailor the search results to your needs. SaleHoo reviews for each supplier are also easily accessible.

4- Affordable start-up cost: In as little as $67 a year, customers can become a member of the SaleHoo community. This membership fee includes access to the online directory and free use of the market research lab and customer support services.

Aside from SaleHoo directory, the company also offers two "separate" products that are also very affordable:

(1) Online store builderThe online store builder costs $27 to $97 a month. With this package, SaleHoo can help you to build your own online store. However, you won’t have access to the online directory.

(2) Online selling tacticsAnother product that customers may choose is the online selling tactics composed of a set of kickstart lessons for the new entrepreneur. The lessons describe strategies for building a profitable business in a competitive online marketplace. To get this product, you only need to make a one-time payment of $247.

5- Great for newcomers in the online market: Getting involved in the online market is risky whether you’re a buyer or a seller, especially with the number of swindlers around and the variable nature of the online market. However, that is no problem with SaleHoo as it guides you in navigating the online market scene with its market research tool. The Market Research Lab is free to access with a regular subscription and is always ready with accurate data to assist customers, kind of like a personal business adviser.

6- Limitless profit potential: SaleHoo does not put a ceiling on any of the members’ activities. You can buy as many goods as you want - even thousands of items from different suppliers - as long as you have the money. There is no such thing as profit limit, either. With SaleHoo, members have the unlimited potential to grow as full-fledged entrepreneurs and magnates-in-the-making.

7- Get help from experienced sellers via SaleHoo's special forum: There is a members-only Salehoo forum where you can gain help from over 80,000 experienced members. The community manager, Marc Ransom, also has two businesses of his own, making him an expert on the subject as well. You will always find Marc in the forums where he answers members' questions personally. The forum is also the best place for you to learn about the most recent scams, making it possible for you to prevent them.

8- Find suppliers in your location: Salehoo is the ultimate solution if you want to find the most reputable wholesalers near you. The good thing about finding a supplier within your area is that it can significantly minimize the amount of money that you will spend. It also improves your efficiency as an international seller. Expect your stock to reach you at a faster time while also significantly reducing shipping costs.

Salehoo promotes ease in finding a local supplier. All you have to do is to filter the search results in the Supplier Directory. Make sure to filter it in a way that it shows only suppliers who are within your locality. It’s that simple.

9- Ship internationally: Salehoo is also your ultimate buddy if you want to find suppliers who are willing to ship their stocks internationally. Are you planning to import products at very low prices? Then Salehoo can help you. Just visit the Salehoo Directory, and filter the search results, so it shows suppliers who feature international shipping. Look for the section which states “Offers Global Shipping”. You should then click “Required”, which you can find on the drop-down menu. The page will then show you the specific suppliers who allow international shipment.

10- Search for items that you can dropship to the US: The good thing about Salehoo is that it makes it possible for you to drop ship items to people in the US even if you are not living there. You also get the chance to take advantage of the services of US drop shippers. If you want to focus more on drop shipping, then it is highly recommended to prioritize drop shippers and residents in the US, regardless of your current location. This makes it the best and the most reliable market for drop shipping.

With Salehoo, you can easily locate drop shippers in the US. Filter the results so that it shows only those who are in North America. You can then click “drop shippers”, which you can find in the “Supplier Type” menu.

11- Quality customer service: SaleHoo has a strong team of customer service providers who offer quick assistance to users’ inquiries and complaints. Be it through email or a forum post, the team replies quickly and gives personalized advice addressing their concerns. In fact, even non-members can ask the support team and they promise to respond within 12 hours on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends.

With a warm and receptive support team who helps in every way they can, it’s easy to feel at home with SaleHoo. Its discussion forum, in fact, is one of the largest and most active around. The interactive and stimulating atmosphere in the forums encourages users to participate in the discussions. It’s more reassuring to watch conversations among unbiased users unfold naturally, as compared to reading SaleHoo reviews written outside the site whose authors are often of uncertain identity and affiliation.

12- Reputation and credibility: SaleHoo has been reviewed and rated by the Better Business Bureau as an A+ company. The Better Business Bureau is an organization which evaluates businesses based on background, licensing and customer experience, among many other factors. This information is considered along with eight standards: trust, honesty, truthfulness, transparency, honor, responsiveness, privacy and integrity – and the business being reviewed are rated from A+ to F accordingly.


To achieve an A+, SaleHoo not only passed BBB’s measures of evaluation - it passed with flying colors. BBB’s accreditation is like a stamp of approval from one of the most trusted companies in the market, and SaleHoo’s outstanding rating is an indication of how commendable Salehoo’s reputation is in the online business world. This offers more reasons for potential users to trust it as one of the most credible online wholesaler directories around.

Regardless of where you are, making money online by selling certain stuff is possible. Take advantage of Salehoo as it promotes simplicity in connecting with reliable suppliers, giving you the chance to earn your desired amount of money in a short span of time. Do not wait! Time is money. Start here now.

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SaleHoo Review - FAQs:


1- Who should use SaleHoo?

2- Is SaleHoo a scam site?

3- Are there branded items on SaleHoo?

4- How does the billing system in SaleHoo work?

5- Is there a free trial for SaleHoo?

Some Tips and Tactics

Are you ready to start your SaleHoo journey? It is just a click away … Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Educate yourself: If it’s your first time as an online seller, one of the best ways to start is to subscribe to the SaleHoo videos section. Educate yourself about the basics of market research and economics. Read as many resources as you can, although the site already has plenty of research material to offer you.


Since you will be operating in the online world, take the time to learn the art of servicing online customers and managing internet traffic as well. Don’t do anything rash and buy products at whim. Before anything else, make sure to arm yourself with enough knowledge, so you can face the battlefield that is the eCommerce industry. Knowledge is power.

2. Start small: After getting a good grasp of online economics, you should start feeling your way around by purchasing a few items. Pick a good niche and a product of interest, but don’t buy in large quantities yet. Try selling those few items you purchased and evaluate your profits. If you feel like your selling performance is good, you can now start to slowly increase your inventory.

3. Work smart: Do not just monitor your own progress; observe your environment. Monitor your biggest competitors. Make use of effective tools such as the Market Research Lab to help you generate the optimum profit you can get from your products. Try different marketing strategies as well - don’t stick to just one and see what works best for you. Adopting a flexible plan may be advantageous as the online market is not always stable.

Salehoo Review - Real Success Stories

Chris Fry

​I have already tripled my investment and I do this part time!

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Lyndon Irvine

In a matter of three days, I made my first real sale on eBay

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Chris Botting

After only four months, my top line is $70,000 per year and growing

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​SaleHoo Review - Conclusion

Do you still have reservations about joining SaleHoo? Sure, it is easy to look for suppliers with a quick Google search. The question is, how sure are you that these suppliers are legitimate? Internet users are becoming more and more aware of scammers, but these deceitful sellers have since upped their game and are now much more difficult to spot. Trying your hand at the online business world on your own is akin to betting without knowing the odds. It carries a lot of risks and often leads to loss on your part.

The safest thing to do is to employ the aid of intermediaries, such as SaleHoo, that serve as your safeguard against fraudulent marketing schemes by ensuring that you transact only with genuine businesses. As you read in this Salehoo review, it is a genuine and trusted suppliers directory. It aims to not only protect customers from fraudulent merchants, but also guide them in their journey to becoming stable and self-sustaining entrepreneurs. So, what are you waiting for? Join SaleHoo now and start building the online business that you’ve always dreamed of.

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