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Terapeak Review - Intruduction 

Are your eBay sales campaigns underperforming? Okay, so you may be selling something but you just can’t exactly say it’s stellar. Do you want to know what could be the best tool that can work for you? Have you ever heard of Terapeak Market Analytics? This Terapeak review looks into what the company offers and its pros and cons.

Terapeak Review - General Information

  • Company Info

Why should you trust Terapeak? It’s pretty easy to make the claims stated above, right? A market analytics tool can make or break any sales campaign. If you have a tool that provides you with actual and useful market research, then expect to observe revenue increases by 100% to 300% (and sometimes more).

This is where Terapeak’s market research comes in. Their services allow you to determine when a product will sell best, how well products will sell, how much is it really worth, and the selling strategies used by your competitors.

No one knows these things better than the company that has pioneered in market analytics in the world of e-commerce. Terapeak has been providing these services to eBay and Amazon marketers while the competition was still trying to feel their way around the market.

  • Company Location

Terapeak is a Canada based company but their services are all web-based. They have several offices in different locations in the country, namely: Toronto, Victoria, and Palo Alto.

  • E-Commerce Platform

As stated earlier, the market analytics tools provided by the company are internet based. Simply put, you don’t have to download or purchase any software. You only need an internet connection and your browser – Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome are recommended.

There is nothing to download, which also means there is no need to update anything. All updates to the system’s tools are done on the server side. Terapeak will manage all the software updates for you so you can concentrate on analyzing the data and making your business grow.

Terapeak Review - What is Terapeak and How Can It Help?

Terapeak is a provider of market analytics and it is dedicated to market data gathered from eBay. If your business is heavily based on eBay and sales generated from it then Terapeak can become quite an indispensable tool (we’ll go over more of that below).

In lay man’s terms, Terapeak gathers e-commerce data for eBay, which includes sales data, popular search terms, number of searches for certain products, the number of sellers for each product, how competitive a product is, and a lot more. The goal of this service is to provide useful information to its clients so that they can make profit (i.e. improve your eBay sales).

Some of the Benefits That You Can Get from Terapeak’s Service
  • See different sales trends.
  • Find the best selling items on eBay.
  • Discover the current market position.
  • Categorize which products are seasonal and which ones are not.
  • Find out a product’s peak selling season.
  • And more.

Sounds interesting? See what Terapeak Market Analytics can do for you, click here.

Terapeak Review - Features

With the help of terapeak market analytics tools, you can check product trends, figure out which titles and items that sell better, compare product performance by category, look for seasonal products that you can market, when to sell a product (and when not to), and many more.

In this section we’ll look into the specific features that you can use. Let’s begin with the best-selling titles list.

Best-Selling eBay Title Listing: the title should describe exactly what your product actually is. You are allowed to use only 80 characters, which is pretty standard. A great title will translate to increased traffic. This service can help you customize your titles to match listings in the same category of your product that have higher bids, within your desired average price, and the best possible sell through rates.


Hot Search Function: This tool works in tandem with the selling title listing tool. It basically helps you create optimized titles according to searches made by actual customers using search popular engines on the web. That way you can use keywords with high traffic to improve traffic using your titles.


Simply put, this function allows you to search for popular products, product categories, product models, titles, and brands. The list will reflect what terms are usually searched by customers. You can look for specific models that have plenty of searches and if that doesn’t work, this function will help you get some ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Category Research: Understanding market behavior and trends is at the very core of e-commerce market analytics. The Category Research tab was designed by Terapeak for that very purpose. It appears to be a very simple tool and the only thing customers may have difficulty with is the color coding that they have used.

Some folks are okay with color-coding (i.e. heat map ranking) but some users may have some difficulty with it. Here’s a suggestion – why not just use numeric ranking? Let’s just wait for the developers to consider that.


Any rate the categories you will see are based off eBay’s own product categorization. Of course you can also switch to Amazon if you’re interested in their data. Now, the activity data that you will see ranges from seven days and all the way up to two years.

That means you can compare year over year trends as well. You can also monitor market behavior per category and see if the changes are market-wide or if the impact of market behavior is on certain products or product categories only.

Trend analysis can be performed according to different metrics which include average cost, total bids, total sales, bids per list, total listings, sell through rates, total solid listings, and others.


Given these trends you can figure out which products are seasonal. You can see which products are already in season. You can also see from the trends if the market is on an upward or downward trend.

Category Research can also help you figure out if a particular niche will be profitable or not. The hot categories view will help you discover niche items and find out if they will be profitable sells or not. You can view the sales trends as well as test for potential competition.

Title Builder: Earlier in this Terapeak review we talked about creating titles based on hot search terms used by actual customers. Well, it’s one thing to know the popular search terms to use for your titles and it’s another to choose the ones that will actually boost your sales. Remember that not all keywords will produce the same amount of sales.


And this is where Terapeak’s Title Builder comes into play. Let’s say you have determined the popular search terms (i.e. actual keywords used by customers), the next thing you need to know is which of these terms have higher conversion rates.

A higher conversion rate means that the keywords were used by customers who bought something. Some search terms were used only to look for products (people who were “only looking” and not buying) and some search terms are used by people who actually needed to buy something.

Title Builder will recommend certain keywords relative to your search. The recommendation will reference active lists and titles. On top of that, it will also provide a report that details the minimum, average, and maximum sales of products that also contain the same keywords.

The bottom line here is that Title Builder will not only optimize your titles to increase traffic. It will help you optimize your titles and lists for targeted traffic (that is exactly what you need to boost your sales).

Product Research Reports: The reports that will be generated in the Product Research tab will be helpful to you when it comes to results analysis. They can help you dig deeper into the market’s behavior and help you understand the results that you are getting.


The generated reports are derived from data obtained from the hot search section as well as the keywords search data. The data from Terapeak’s Title Builder can also be accessed to generate reports in the Product Research tab as well.

The reports in generated in the Product Research Tab will be displayed in different formats. Some of them will be tabular while others are graphical. You can use whichever format you’re comfortable with. You can also apply filters when you do product research such as list type (e.g. bid auction, live auction, fixed price, etc.), start and end price, buyer and seller country, seller ID, transaction site, time of day, as well as listing duration.

Keyword Searches and eBay Pulse: Terapeak’s Popular Keyword search is comparable to eBay Pulse. They give you the highest rating keywords based on average price, sell through rate, as well as items sold (you can also use these as filters when you do your search). The bottom line here is that these tools help you find the currently best-selling items on eBay and Amazon.

Let’s say you want to find not only the products on eBay with the highest amount of sales, you’re also interested in finding out which among the best sellers have larger sales volumes too (i.e. those with people buying large quantities of the same product). You can use this search tool and use the sell through rate and other filters to display these very products. In the hands of an experienced e-commerce marketer, that is an indispensable piece of information.

Terapeak Review - Price Plans

The good news is that Terapeak has simplified everything. There are only 2 plans to choose from! The said plans are: Personal and Professional.

Expect the professional plan to be more expensive yet more in-depth. It also provides you with competitor research and a full year’s worth of market data from eBay. Another bit of good news is that you can try both of these plans for 7 days with no charge. That means you can compare which plan works better for you.


Terapeak Review - FAQs


Do I need to be an experienced marketer?

Is Terapeak a scam?

What do I get out of the 7-day trial?

Is signing up for an account worth it?

Terapeak Review - Bottom Line

Here are the key takeaways when you create a Terapeak account:

  • You get to see what products your competitors are actually selling. You even get a sneak-peak into their sales history.
  • You get to find out which products are currently trendy and popular. You get tools that tell you which one of them actually sell better than others.
  • You will know which products will be worth selling. You can even use the sales data on eBay to find out which products will sell on Amazon.

7-Day Free Trail

If you want to try out these tools absolutely free of charge for a full 7 days then click here.