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And of course, there are also things you have to be aware of, such as:

  • It isn’t cheap: But hey, that’s the least of your problems when you can actually be hooked up with people who will make your business more profitable, isn’t it?
  • Resale Certificates: One thing that you may find to be a hassle is that some suppliers will ask for resale certificates for wholesale orders. What you have to understand though is that this is stated in the law, so they’re only following the rules to make things smooth-sailing.

Worldwide Brands Review (Introduction)


Do you want to make sure that your business gets proper coverage, and attracts clients from all around the world? Well, maybe it’s time you get yourself involved in the world’s best online directory that would surely lead you to success!

What, then is this directory? It is none other than Worldwide Brands! And, with the help of this Worldwide Brands review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Worldwide Brands—and how it could help you!

What Is Worldwide Brands?

Preferred by major drop shipping companies and legit re-sellers, Worldwide Brands is an online directory that will help you find wholesale suppliers and drop shippers to help you make the most of your business, and make sure that it thrives.

Established back in 1999, Worldwide Brands has helped over 10,000 products and services make their way online—and around the world, with thousands of resellers and members. This way, you also get to ensure that you’ll work only with pre-qualified, legitimate companies—keeping your business safe and secure at all times!

How Worldwide Brands Works? How a new supplier is added?

With the help of this Worldwide Brands review, you’ll also understand how exactly this directory works. It happens this way:

  • Joining Trade Shows: First and foremost, you’ll be glad to know that Worldwide Brands often joins trade shows. Why? Well, simply because drop shippers and authentic wholesalers often frequent these events—so it would be easy to know who’s who in the industry, and who could be trusted and added to the directory.
  • Information Verification: Now, just because they met someone in a trade show does not mean the said person will automatically be added to their database. Research is done to make sure that those companies are actually legitimate and trustworthy. By verifying company information, they ensure that the only companies they add to the directory are those who actually deserve it—making it easy for you to be connected to the best in the industry!
  • Locations Are Verified: Aside from the identity of companies, resellers, and drop-shippers, Worldwide Brands also makes sure that there are warehouse or homestead locations—to prove that the companies are legitimate.
  • Program Reviews: Another amazing thing that Worldwide Brands does is review wholesale programs. They try to understand what these programs can do—and why they matter. Aside from that, they also ensure that lower minimums can be negotiated for members of Worldwide Brands—which you can too, after reading this Worldwide Brands review!

Once all this is done, only then can those companies be added to the directory.

Therefore, you can be sure that these wholesale companies and drop shippers, together with possible resellers, are all thoroughly examined to make sure that they are not just legitimate, but also reliable, and will provide value to any connections. After a thorough investigation, and when all the above criteria are met, you can be sure that you’re dealing only with the best!

Who Can Benefit from World wide brands?


So, can you actually benefit from joining Worldwide Brands? Well, for starters, it is actually perfect for anyone who’s trying to start a business in the following areas:

  • Light Bulk Wholesale: You know what’s great about light bulk wholesale? The fact that in the early 2000s, Worldwide Brands became responsible for creating this niche. Light bulk wholesale is simply about being able to buy orders of $500.00 or less, or small bulk quantities. Then, after buying the products, you can store them at home—or wherever your warehouse is so you can just ship them to clients afterwards. It’s the business model that’s used by most online stores—so they can provide value to their clients! It is said that this brings forth more profit because you don’t have to deal with third party partners, and pay them, too!
  • Drop Shipping: Drop Shipping, on the other hand, happens when products are packed and shipped by another company—or in other words, a third-party company. For example, if a client orders a certain item from this online store, the online store would then contact the third-party company to pack and ship the said item, and send it to the client. It might seem complicated, but a lot of people choose this model because it provides less hassle for them—because they’d just be taking care of the inventory now!

In short, it is for people who actually want to be successful selling online.

Who Shouldn’t Go for This Service?


Many Worldwide  Brands Reviews do not recommend the system for the following people:

1- Worldwide Brands is not really for people who work in referral-based businesses, digital product outsourcing, or affiliate marketing.

2- It is not for businesses that do not give importance to customer-seller communication.

3- It is also not for people who do not want to give time to their business, and even their membership in Worldwide Brands.

In general, Worldwide brands is not for people who have the “set and forget it” mentality!


Worldwide Brands Review (Watch A Preview Video)

WorldWide Brands Testimonials

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Using Worldwide Brands Members’ Area Interface

So, what exactly would you be doing once you enter the Worldwide Brands database?

>> Here’s what you need to know.

  • Use the right keyword: Upon entering the website, you’ll be taken to the members’ area where you will see a dashboard that allows you to search dozens of broad product categories. What you can do here is enter a keyword close to the niche you’re in so that you can acquaint yourself with the right people—and the right companies. And to make sure that you get the right connections, an AJAX search suggestion menu will give you instant live results of related products and suppliers while you are typing.
  • Drop Shipping or Light Bulk: Once you have made your choice, you will then need to be more specific. This could be done by narrowing your options—so you have to choose whether you want Light Bulk or Drop Shipping. Then, choose whether you’re from the USA, Canada, or other territories—and you’ll now be able to have specific choices based on your earlier input.
  • Level of Competitiveness: Another amazing thing about Worldwide Brands is the fact that you will know exactly how competitive a company is. This way, you will have a good grasp of what’s going on in your niche, how tough the competition is, and how profitable you just might be.
  • Well-Categorized Data: Finding your niche doesn’t just end there, though. In fact, you will be impressed because Worldwide Brands has quite a strategic, specific database that allows you to see margin indexes, search volume, and other factors that are relevant to marketing. Since you’ll be able to see these for each keyword, it will be easier for you to decide what actually fits your brand. Thus, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money that you probably would pay for others to do research for you—because now, you can do it on your own!

Researching Products

You can perform a product analysis by niche to know a particular niche’s competitiveness, and the level of competition you will possibly face.

Every item category is accompanied by accurately researched and compiled marketing data including competition, profit margin indices, search volume, as well as other vital factors that are immediately made available for every keyword and category. Thus, you save on time, effort, and money that you would otherwise spend on doing the research on your own.

Worldwide Brands is likewise designed with cool and amazing features such as the capability to provide suggested resale prices for every product. If you are a new marketer, you will find this feature very helpful.


Next, let’s check out the metrics in store for members of Worldwide Brands when searching for prospective suppliers:

  • Demand: The Demand Tool gives you up-to-the-minute data that shows the number of searches a certain keyword has, opening your mind to various possibilities—and helping you realize what certain companies can give you.
  • Advertising: Paid ads are a big part of the Worldwide Brands premise. You’ll learn the ad-competition rate for each keyword—so you will know which keywords could actually bring profit and help you earn what you deserve. Therefore, you will no longer be wasting your money on senseless keywords and companies that won’t be able to help you, in the first place!
  • Competition: Measuring competition is important—mainly because it’s best that you know how people in the same niche are doing, so you know what to expect once you get to work already. For example, if you want to choose a certain item or company, you’ll learn if other sellers are offering the same thing—and if they are, then you now have a chance to up the ante—and improve what you have at hand.
  • Retail Pricing: Learn how you should price products on sites such as Amazon—so you can really be part of the competition and not be privy to overselling or underselling—so you won’t be branded as a nuisance in the business.
  • Auction Pricing: And of course, in the event that you have products that you want to put up for auction, Worldwide Brands will help you learn how to price them—especially for trusted sites like eBay.

Therefore, you can be sure that Worldwide Brands is actually here to help you—and never the other way around.

Researching Suppliers


Worldwide brands can help you find prospective suppliers for your retail store by providing you with complete supplier contact information. You can also quickly send out a pre-filled form to suppliers, found at the lower part of the page, in case you need to make some clarifications or if you are interested in joining their business.

Extra Detail On How WWB Works?

Here is an extra detail that helps understand how WWB works.

Members-Only Forum


You’ll also be glad to know that with the help of Worldwide Brands, you can interact with fellow members, who could either be experienced fulltime earners, or new entrepreneurs who are just learning the ropes of the game. This way, you can all learn from each other—and get the support that you need—without having to look elsewhere! You get to talk to people who know what you’re going through—and you will get to pick their brains to make sure that you, too, can succeed in what you’re doing.

Worldwide Brands Support


With an enviable reputation of providing solid customer support, Worldwide Brands offers quick assistance via email, phone, and the private members’ forum. Trained and qualified customer support staff are always on hand to provide whatever advice or assistance you may require.

Which Is Better for Me: Drop Shipping or Wholesale?


This question is probably the most important for a new retailer to ask. The simple answer is to go for drop shipping simply because of the following reasons:

  • You don’t have to worry about the shipping cost at the start. Like most new entrepreneurs, you probably don’t have the big budget required for wholesaling yet.
  • It is a time-saver because you do not have to bother about packing, wrapping or shipping the products. The time you save can be used for your marketing efforts instead.
  • Starting small allows you to test how some products will perform, and this is a smart idea. You can always do wholesale once you have gained enough experience and earned enough money.

Free Videos! Wholesale and Drop Shipping

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Are You Sure This Is not a Scam?


Worldwide Brands is 100% legit and not a scam. Actually, Worldwide Brands have been in business since 1999. It has a good reputation, and also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Here you can check their rating certificate.

Can I find Suppliers By Google Search?

While you can easily find great suppliers at Worldwide Brands—you can also search the internet for free, right? Well, the only difference is that Worldwide Brands has legitimate, profitable links, while the alternative will have you researching for endless hours without knowing if what you’ve found will actually work. Also many of the suppliers' websites were not built with SEO in mind so they might not show on Google. Now, what I recommend you to do is to have your worldwide brands subscription and always be on the safe side. You can focus more on your business rather than fighting to find good suppliers!!

Is it worth the investment?


Yes—especially if you are willing to follow through. Finding contacts will be easy with Worldwide Brands—but it’s still up to you to do what you can to make sure the business will thrive. But is it a worthwhile investment? Yes, it definitely is. It’s the best thing that can help you source your products!

Can I Request a New Supplier?


You can, definitely! The company will always be willing to accommodate your request to look for an appropriate and legit supplier for the products you wish to sell, just in case you cannot find one listed with the database on the website. Worldwide Brands will collect your supplier requests, look for what you need, then add the suppliers to the Directory. You can make the request using the “Product Request/Can’t Find It” section in the Directory.

What Do You Get from a Worldwide Brands Subscription?

By subscribing to the Worldwide Brands service, you gain access to the Market Research Program, the Directory, the Members’ Only Forum, as well as the Wholesale section. Wholesale is a series of 19 various educational video courses, self-testing modules, online workbooks, resources, and real-life experiences on product sourcing and online business. These are geared to help new retailers like you to get on the right track and immediately start selling products and working with retailers online.

Also available is the Product Sourcing App for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Only members can access the app to allow them to source products while on the go. Click the icon below to get your app.


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